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By InspiredJourney


The day after the day after Xmas.

Though I don’t celebrate the holidays, I’ve had an eventful week of busy work.
Sunday marked one week, since I posted in a couple travel groups for women. The intention was to connect with single women who have moved abroad, and are now officially expats.

I’m going full throttle to give energy to the exact things I want going forward. So, why not use social media to find ‘big sisters’ who have gone before me, and build a community? When making the post, I had no idea some of the emotional conversations that would result, nor the new blossoming project.

I made those posts on a Saturday, but Sunday the idea struck and I brainstormed names for a domain. I found one, but was sitting on my hands, until Monday. I went for it. Just under nine dollars in, I pointed to the host I’ve paid for but have yet to develop a business strategy. I searched for a theme, so I’d be ready once the domain propagated.

I spent the next day chatting more, while this idea sat in my soul. It took a firm seat inside of me. It felt right. It felt right at home, and ideas flowed.

I felt I was back!

I felt the me that has been dormant tooooo long was back, inspired and generating more ideas than I could keep in my head.

By Tuesday, afternoon, I had an unpolished three page website up. I needed a web presence, because people need to see something. Later, I left a comment on a post in a group of women expats, asking what our plans were for 2018. I effortlessly responded “I would be collecting and sharing women’s stories”. I see a notification of a reply to that comment. I have a look and see the question: Can I share my story with you?

OF COURSE!, I write. And so it was officially born.

Twenty minutes of chat later, I’d book my first ever interview.



I think: Podcast. Yes, that’s it. I had been listening to a four different levels of podcast: one amateur, but polished and about travel; Russell Brand’s Under the skin; Oprah’s Super Sun; and one very new podcast for women entrepreneurs. The latter is a work in progress, but I like it, because though hesitant, she put herself out there after a year of sitting and doing nothing with her site. That resonated. So I’m listening to be one of those, even if few, she sees in her analytics. I even sent her a private message after hearing a very emotional episode. I just wanted her to know someone was listening and to be encouraged to keep going and producing.

So, yeah, I think blog and podcast may be the formats I use for and to share this inspiration.

The idea is so clear, that I had a working summary to record the intro. Once I crystallized the idea, and got it into a decent order I began recording using the voice recorder on my phone. I vowed to not fall into my usual perfectionistic tendencies to have everything polished and ‘professional’. So no fancy recording set up pour moi.

By Wednesday, I had booked two more interviews. This made getting the intro done a pressing issue. I wanted to ride this brewing momentum.

I did.

I recorded in segments, and then spliced them together. I asked a friend whose background is music, if he could assist with showing me how to choose music (or provide an original piece for me), and let me know how to best edit, should there be any egregious noise in the interviews. He agreed to edit and mix the file, but somehow I did it. I sat in GarageBand and pulled the tracks together. Only thing left, find that music.

I had a brief look at the Creative Commons selection on YouTube. However, I was overwhelmed, and really needed a more efficient and less data taxing way of hearing music. I put it aside. I demanded with serious conviction the Universe provide me with that I needed.

Thursday morning, I’m searching. I google Creative Commons music and see a few websites. The first was some woman’s blog. The second, I don’t remember, third was just tight. Again, not wanting to be overwhelmed by the thousands of entries, I think again: “Universe, I need this done.”

I see the tabs, and “Genres”. I’m feeling the path opening. I click. I look. International > African > Afrobeat. Y.E.S. The Universe provided.

After giving it a momentary thought, I knew I wanted ethnic music. I knew there had to be drums, and a real grounding in the music and primarily instrumental Afrobeat was sure to fit.

I skim, listening to a few seconds of each song. I knew I’d catch a vibe from the first few moments. There was an AfroCuban rhythm I was filling. But the horns were too prevalant.

I skim. I land on one, and then another by the same band. Yeah, I’m in the space I want. I listen for a few minutes and am sold. The intro was all drums leading to a great impact before it transition. I knew it’d sit on my voice nicely.

By Thursday afternoon, the tracks were laid, edited in a way that somehow the song hit breaks in my speak, as if I were completely familiar or had literally recorded over, knowing where to strategically add the pauses. Nope. This a big fat fantastic moment of serendipity. It all flowed, like this who blooming project. That’s when I know I’m on a path I’m meant to be on.

Ep. 000 was published later that evening and ready to share. The first reviews were quite complimentary! For a first time producer in this medium, I can say I did an excellent job.

I carry on with how to actually publish on major podcast hubs; how to get my RSS link, etc. I’m overwhelm and not really wanting to be, so I demand the Universe give me the strength to get this done efficiently and effortlessly. You would believe that I woke at around 2am, and led to my answer! I follow and am waiting for the approval.

The first interview is one this day. I’m sure it will go well. I’ve given into allow what will be to be, and not stress the timing of anything. This has really manifested in to a great bit of peace about everything. Oh, and I’m still quick switching if my mood attempts to ebb.

So, 2018 is coming in strong and hot with great things.

What’s next? 

Cheers to 2018, and cataloging the Wins and ‘Fails’.

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