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I AM. Vexed

By InspiredJourney

This past Sunday I woke in the wee hours of the morning with a heavy emotional weight that caused a flood of tears to pour.

I’m not exactly sure the exact cause of the timing, but I do know the lonely aspect of my life is a burden. I feel I’m living in two worlds. I am completely comfortable with my own company. However, from what I can hear of the internal talk, I am living a bit paralyzed because I have to live cautiously.

Also, there was another school shooting in Florida. Seventeen people, teachers and students were killed. Naturally, I was saddened by the carnage. I too am angry. I find it increasingly difficult to shake the anger.

I truly want out of this country because I no longer want to support the antics of this nation. When I say support, I don’t want to patronize and have the government gain any support, through taxes or any means, from me.

It’s a travesty that we are living in a place where there is obvious corruption from these males given the charge of doing what’s best for the country and its citizens. That’s not happening. Fat cats are only enriching themselves, on the backs of people they deem stupid enough to continuously go for it. And when I say deem stupid, I mean it.

The opinion they have the general populace is so evident. I mean, there must be a blanket study that people are just stupid and will fall for anything, because that’s how they are running this country. The latest tax cut is one such example.

How do you cut the tax of those with millions and billions, yet for the middle and lower earners, nothing but pittance? How Sway? How?

Just after the mortgage collapse, those in the Icelandic that had a hand in how that country was involved and affected were prosecuted. Why is that we, the supposed most powerful country just not give a damn about the people that fatten the pockets of the cats?

And the indictments brought against Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

Le Sigh.

I want to move from the US. I truly want out. In fact, I’d love nothing more than to live in a harmonious matriarchal community. It’s time for something different and better than testosterone. This, I believe is the reason for the discord that wreaking havoc around the world. It’s sickening.

I’ve managed to squirrel away a bit of a cash reserve, and would like nothing more than to go off exploring more. But I’m hindered by the time it’s taking me to build more passive streams of finance. I don’t have much wiggle room for error. And thus, am living in a ‘prison’.

To watch the debacle that is the tRump presidency is just watching a full plane crash in slow motion. It’s sad, but I understand why those who voted for him did. They wanted change!

Some of those that voted for tRump voted for Obama in ’08 and ‘12. People want change on Capitol Hill. They took a gamble with tRump and will again lose the bet.

I have said it before, and will say it again, this particular presidency has helped me. It has opened my eyes and educated me in ways I hadn’t realized I was severely lacking.

It has snatched whatever rose tented glasses I may have been wearing off my face! I’m awake and ready to go! I’m feeling called to leave the west and live in a country that is predominately a country filled with people of color.

To me, the west has been and still is lost!

On a slightly more positive note, though one day late, I did receive the blog entry. I’ll edit and format it accordingly.

Oh, and I commented on a blog posted about this particular person’s success with acquiring the French Visa for Freelancers. I asked if I can email a few questions. He responded asking how he could help. To which I fired off the most pressing questions I had and asking about the fees for the consultant he used.

You just know capitalism is so rife; he quoted his consult fee in his response. This is one of the reasons I’m over the west. Everyone wants to sell whatever bit of information rather that think communally. I mean, I should have known. In fact I know that would be the way he’d go about it. But it would have pleasant  to experience a human interaction without it devolving into a commercial transaction.

What’s next?

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