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I AM. Tickled

By InspiredJourney



Let’s see. Since last I wrote, the latest episode of the podcast dropped and Hillary Clinton read an excerpt from Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury at the Grammy’s.

I didn’t watch the show, but saw the buzz and read headlines and watched subsequent videos of it. HILARIOUS! That.Is.All! It was quite the clever jab! I mean, I’m over seeing and hearing from and about Hillary, but that move was a classic in the making.

This book, Fire and Fury is particularly interesting to me, as it has been a vehicle for the Special Counsel Robert Mueller to expand his investigation. I won’t be buying or reading a borrowed copy. I simply find it interested to see how it expands the reach of the Russian investigation. I find Steve Bannon an interesting character. He seems to be sharper than I thought. That a line in the book states he referred to Hope Hicks as dumb as a rock, for her involvement in crafting lies for tRump was hilarious.

What a saga! LOL.

He’s been called in to testify in front of the House Intelligence Committee, and is said to be resistant to fully responding to questioning, and may be held in contempt. It too is said he is likely to fully cooperate with Robert Mueller.


With regard to Arielle: Still no update from her family. I do think to give a call. But I always think that’s being intrusive. So, I resist. I will, at some point, get to the post office to send a card or something to show I’m still thinking of her and wishing for the best outcome to whatever has happened.

The podcast is ticking along. I got the notes done about seven hours before the episode was to go live on Sunday! #Winning. I’m winning at life right now. Well, I am in this space. The rest matters, but doesn’t … lol. I’ll get to the rest of life when I can.

I’m still engaged in this process and have elected to offer guest blog post opportunities to women that don’t fit the parameters of the show.

I’m keeping this update brief, as my plate is full. This stuff is loads of work.


What February has in store for us?

It is the month I was born. I desire a closer step to a life well lived.

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