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Joyeux Blogversaire!


01.01.18: Blogversary for Slowly Surely + xyz.


Yes. Today marks one year since the beginning of this blog. The mission was to get out of my way and walk the path of self (re)discovery; finding my way back to me post single parenting. It was a time for me to remember my interests, flex my travel wings, blend all of my selves and find a way to live the life I feel I’m meant to live.

So, this is post is looking back over the year’s wins, works in progress, and setting intentions for 2018.



Generally, I’m living on my terms.


Getting out of my way








New Projects



Works in progress.


Self (Re)discovery


New Projects







While scrolling online, a post in a group for entrepreneurs caught my attention. She mentioned setting a theme at the top of each year. That got me thinking about Slowly Surely, and my life intention, as I saw it. This is a place for me to document the steps and missteps of working my way back to me. Essentially, that was my theme for 2017.

So now, to declare the intention for 2018: Effortlessly Discovering My Soul’s Home.

I declare 2018 as the year I will effortlessly unearth, move to and line in the place that my soul’s home. How will this take shape and come to fruition? I don’t know. But, I suspect traveling much more than I have ever in my life will is about to kick off. YES! I’m ready.

Stepping into 2018 like ….

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