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I AM. Steadfast

By InspiredJourney

It’s Valentine’s day, and six days before my birthday.

As per my norm, it’s an uneventful day.

I’ve been completely busy with fielding potential guests for the podcast and guest posts for the blog.

I’m a tad bit frustrated with people’s lack of care when it comes to reading and following instructions for submission. The degree to which people don’t care about anything beyond their bubble is just saddening.

I’ve take the approach to respond to any inquiry, but not press when I see there may be more of a hassle than the interview is worth. This leaves me in a situation of not having enough content. And because I’d been rethinking the show release schedule, I’ve concluded last week’s show was the final one for first sessions to be published.

It’s had work, but I’m ticking along, thinking of ways to repurpose current and future content. I’m also weighing monetization options.

Slow and steady wins this race.

I have a long time friend that is back in touch, and I’m feeding her ideas to start something herself. I know we do things in our own time, and that it’s not to me to press anyone to do anything. But given she’s in a similar position I was a single parent, she’s needing something that will help with the coming transition.

I offered up an idea that may suit her interests. I positioned it as a potential partnership, or we could work in tandem on similar projects, but separate businesses.

The central idea is creating products that evolve around the theme of our mutual star sign.

After thinking of it, I had a rush of ideas to produce stickers, magnets, tees…pins…the gamut. I just need to free myself from some shackles that *cough, cough* [Sallie Mae and friends] are binding me; prohibiting me from making certain money moves.

It’s amazing how we can have all the ideas in the world, not able to try them because of barriers created through lack of knowledge and resources.

I was doing my best to help Grem not fall into some of the traps that lay ahead of him. But sadly, he thinks he knows it all, and I’ve step aside and don’t have much of anything to say at this point. We have to find out path. And find his path he will. I’m just hoping the potholes he encounters are not too deep. At the moment, I’m contemplating the lessons I must master.

I’m also questioning this life path.

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