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I AM. Sparked

By InspiredJourney


April 1st, 2018.
April Fool’s Day.
Time: 16.26

The epiphany of all epiphanies just struck me.

Though it has been weeks, since I finally recovered from the insomnia following the trip to Atlanta; found my way back to falling asleep at a decent hour and not waking throughout the night regularly, the past couple nights showed restless nights on the rise. Again.

Last night I cried.

I wept.

I wasn’t sure the cause, but am certain that with most of what I chronicle here, it stemmed from an unfulfilled life.

I have been steadily working on the podcast. It has been slow going; guest submissions and connecting with women that fit the avatar have missed the mark.

Bothered, but not deterred, I persisted.

Even if that meant the podcast is on a ‘seasonal hiatus’, so be it.

Even if it meant a slower pace in releasing new episodes, so be it.

So be it!

I had committed that I was/am keeping my focus on the grand goal. This has been my saving grace; the only strategy that allowed me to persist in developing my projects.

And then, today happened.

As per my usual, I’ve been on the periphery of using and connecting on
social media. I do the barest minimum in an attempt to keep the blood coursing through my project’s vein.

This means milling about in groups, connecting, sharing and learning whatever morsel that will assist in keeping my hope alive.

So, today.

While reading the post of an aspiring newbie blogger, I read the responses to her questions regarding the monetization target she’d set with the goal of reaching it in six months.

I must state this was in a digital nomad group for wannabes.

There were nooooooo snide, curt or condescending comments from the more experienced.

That was refreshing.

I clicked through to the most astute respondents in the niche I’m in, to have a look and study their successful sites.

During this process, I happened upon the Facebook page of one of these bloggers.

I see her first in what will be a series about UNESCO sites. I then see a video post from a bigger company about large ‘hidden’ sculptures in Copenhagen.

That got me thinking about touring it. Because: Me & Art & Travel. It only makes sense I’d have an interest right? RIGHT!

My brain began ticking.

Ticking to the point where I nearly had circuitry overload.

It dawned on me.



I was minutes from getting up to start dinner when this happened.

Needless to say, I sat straight up, at full attention; motivated.

The timing is, well, so apropos! Reason being, when one experiences a sustained low ebb, the brain finds it had to be creative and drum up ideas one might have naturally thought of.

This is one of those very obvious things to do. It literally bit me like a snake I’d trusted to not bite me.

The days of the past week expired as I mapped the plan to legally form another business entity.

I wasn’t quibbling about the fact that I’m meant to report for possible jury duty tomorrow. Well, actually, I might say the opening for me to receive this idea was stoked by my shifting my mindset about doing so.

You see, over the last couple days, I thought of all the reasons I might have to not go to jury duty. But yesterday, I reframed my thinking about it.

I mapped a plan for things I would do with the entire day:

I’d leave the house early, making my way to check the post office box I pay for, but rarely visit.

I’m going the bank I rarely go to. Although I have an account there, it’s not conveniently located. I need to withdraw some funds that would be over the ATM limit, so a visit to the branch on this day is.perfect.

I’ll window shop.

Report to the courthouse, and give reason as to why I can’t be on this jury.

After, I’ll visit the herb shop for spices, and Rainbow foods for more Amla, Chlorella, Tumeric and other powders, because they are both are two blocks from one another.

I’ll take a train to my old neighborhood to eat at a fave Chinese restaurant I rarely get a chance to visit. I would visit Arizmendi Bakery, but Mondays have historically been the only day it’s closed. I will have a look. They have the best pizzas and other baked goods.

I’ll hop the train out to Ocean Beach to walk around and be refreshed by the water.

Lastly, I’ll make my way to the grocery store to pick up a few items, before heading back to my place.

This will be a full day that will primarily be a day of nearly walking the whole of San Francisco.

So here I am, thankful that I have a new idea that validates my approach to #KeepGoing, in spite of things moving slow or not at all.

I keep going with the belief that I’m truly worthy of living life amused and free.

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