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I AM. SoGood

By InspiredJourney


06:40: Reading the day’s headlines.

Being positioned on the West Coast, means the three-hour time difference gives way to news worthy events being reported before I wake.

After tuning in and listening to a morning news show, in the dark before sunrise, I check the day’s headlines. After more political phuckery in Trump’s presidency, the second was that of Ed Lee, San Francisco’s sitting Mayor dead at 65.

I was stunned!

I wanted to tell someone, and thought to send a quick message to a Facebook friend in Japan. But I didn’t. I didn’t want that to be the first thing I communicated to someone. Eventually I did follow the conversation we had the day before (an Aussi friend of his asked him if he was worried about dying), citing the topic of death is popping up around me, in conversations, etc. I told him I was shook because death has been part of my thoughts the past few days. Actually it’s been on my mind some weeks.

Over the last several days, the thought of my dying having not lived a life fulfilled, has been weighing on me. So yes, reading Lee’s name pushed me a bit. It got me thinking that he wasn’t thinking he’d have a heart attack while grocery shopping. He thought he had the next manage his life and the city.

I’ve taken a lot of time and life for granted. It’s one aspect of my life I dislike. The feeling I’m racing is about time; using it or wasting it. As I sit contemplating my best and most perfect best move, I’m wasting breath and life. As I wrote there, I find nice travel fares, and could book a flight. But I’m seeking the perfect situation, because I take me wherever I go, and I’m not looking to be miserable while out of the country and my personal space.

Now, I am moving at a snail’s pace in getting to any decision. And though friend has opened his home to me as a landing pad in London, I’m making that the last option as I’d like to maintain independence wherever I go. Yes, this is likely another moment of self- sabotage. BUT, I’m actively looking for housesit possibilities, and even fired off several responses to posts on Workaway. My first and only not-so-nice experience using it was in Puerto Escondido, but I’m willing to make another go of it. One of my FAVORITE songs (So Good) just began playing as I type this … and I accept it as affirmation that I’m good and will have what I desire! YES!!! I accept all great things coming.

My mood has instantly shifted from what it was as I began writing this.

Thankful, I’m ending here as I’m accepting the universe IS conspiring with me to have all I desire!

Excited to see the greatness this week hold for me.

Until … Shine!


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