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I AM. Rhythmic

By InspiredJourney

The beginning of this year has been a great ride thus far.

I hinted at the latest project that fell in my lap. It has served as inspiration and I’ve chosen to follow to see where it leads. The project is a new podcast about women

I posted in a group for women travelers; seeking a group that would serve as a sister circle. That post created some conversations that led to my being
moved to get a domain and share stories. The post happened on a Saturday. By Sunday, the inspiration rushed over me. I ignored it. However, Monday wasn’t peaceful without the nagging thought to get a domain and follow this ‘lead’.

Relenting, I searched for one word that would encompass the complete intent of the podcast. I looked for the word in foreign languages until one felt okay. I sat on this for a while, but was pushed off my rock by a deep feeling. So I, reluctantly, purchased the domain name and the podcast was born. Sort of.

Enter the ‘voice’ pressing me: Record and intro.


Given that I’d never done such, I wasn’t sure of the strong guiding force behind these seemingly random and pushy thoughts. But, I listened.

I wrote and edited the words I felt best spoke to the heart of this blooming show. After getting to a final edit, I grabbed my dumbphone and began to record, using the memo recorder.

The voice demanded: Get some music!

Me: Okay(?)

I remember seeing comments that one could find copyright free tunes on
YouTube. I head there to do a preliminary search. Overwhelmed by the
first page of selections, I fumble through for a few minutes before deciding I wouldn’t be able to tolerate sifting through the infinite entries. I close my laptop and leave it for the next day.

The next day, I’m still being pressed to get some music. So, I silently demand that if this is what I’m to do, the Universe find this song. I was willing this to be, because I couldn’t deal with the overwhelm I was felt.

The ‘voice’ say Google Creative Commons music. Not understanding because I’d Googled this before, but the difference was I’d specified YouTube Creative Commons.

Several entries pop up on the first page of results. I have a look at a few dud links before I arrive at a music archive. Bingo.

Now, let me preface this by saying I didn’t have a clue as to how to choose theme music, but I had a rough idea of what I wanted the music to convey. I needed to to start with a drum beat and evoke a spiritual connection, lending itself to community building. I guess you could say it was the song that would wake and rally those that resonate with the intention of the show and would become part of something bigger.

So I look, while pacing myself and not become overwhelmed. Slowly scanning I see the “genres” tab. Bingo!  I click. I see the “international” category. BingO! I click. I see “Afrobeat / Moroccan”. BinGO! I skim through, listening to some of the Moroccan tracks, but nothing touched me. Believing I’d find what I needed, to AfroBeat I go. I scroll, and because I’m a bit anal, I listen to nearly all the first twenty songs. Ohkaaay, is how I’m feeling. Okay, we might be on to something. I listen, then BOOM, drumbeats!

The opening phrase of this song, pure drums that spoke to my soul. Okay. I’m patient to see where this voyage takes me. The building of energy and then the drop….YES! BINGO! That was it. Having listened to only the first few phrases I knew this was the song. Give Thanks. I was so pleased and quite frankly in a bit of shock. I mean, I know we have the power to create what we desire, but I’m always shocked when I see it in action and at such a rapid pace.

I lay the song beneath the track I had recorded. I chopped a bit off the intro and placed that first note right where my voice began. It had great impact; pushing the recording to the level I sought. I was pleased, and thankful.

I tinker with it a bit more, as I had to trim this seven-plus minute song to just over two minutes. Magically, the song was in total sync with the words, pauses and intonations I’d used. It couldn’t have lined up more perfectly. Even the place I ended was perfect.

All felt right. I was riding the momentum I’d decided to have as the end of 2017, and it is still carrying me at this point.

Since the tale of being moved to start this project, I’ve since gone on to post open calls and have interviewed for women, edited three episodes and am qualifying more while I slowly release my intro and the longer more detailed backstory to the genesis of the podcast. I’m ahead of schedule. But, I’m looking for push myself further ahead.

I will close this out, but say I look forward to seeing how this takes shape and if it will take root. We shall see. Watch this space and tune in to hear more and learn if the workout I began yesterday is still in effect.

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