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By InspiredJourney


I’m not sure if I’d mentioned this prior, but I had considered not posting to this blog anymore. It had become strange, in that there had been a massive and disturbing number of visits to the site. The daily numbers were something like, 30, 55, 102, 250, 386 in sequence.

With the rate of sleuthing and hacking data, posting stories had me a bit spooked.

However, I carry on.


So, yes, I never heard more from the other lady I’d chatted with about the Mastermind, and that’s okay.

I have a personal commitment to ONLY engage and entertain those that show up as they’ve stated.

More research rather than action, have gone into the formation of the entity. However, I’m pleased to state this has been an excellent slow-moving action item on the list.

I’ve learned a few things that will help me have a solid foundation once I make this move.

I’m feeling good about the loose plan I’m crafting. It feels the universe is aligning and working with me to execute.

And yes, the ideas keep coming.

And with regard to those I’ve already dreamed up, I can see how each may have a bit of life breathed into them, and they come to fruition with what I’m doing now.

I’m cautiously optimistic.

I don’t want to get over my skis (been listening to loads of news podcast and this phrase is quite common) with enthusiasm. I know life flows and ebbs, and I’m mindful what I do now is for the long haul, a nice slow burn.

With regard to setting tasks and completing them, I haven’t linked with another accountability partner, but have taken steps to get the sitemap organize and set.

I’ve been writing a lot for the project, and have a new arm added to the podcast. I see it as an avenue to develop a niche product and am crafting content for it.

I have been busy, even if only mentally plotting and planning. But I too spend a great deal of time researching and drawing from more experienced people doing what I aim to succeed at.

Feels good.

On another note, things are getting lite in the cupboard. Grocery shopping and quibbling about the need to do it has become a real part of the conversations I have with people. So, it’s only fitting that documenting it here, is part of the process.

So, watch this space for more on that silliness.

Oh what oh what is this following week breathing life into?

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