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I AM. Ready

By InspiredJourney


The beginning of this year marked the point at which I began to flex; stretching my wings to take flight (literally & figuratively), to live my best life by remembering dreams of old and exploring all the new possibilities that lay forth.

My last flight was my trip back to San Francisco Mexico. I found myself in a rhythm of launching new projects in the creative space, developing ideas for additional blogs and launching The Rite to Passage. Though as a snail’s pace, things have been ticking along. The slow pace has been a frustration point. However, as result of my self-funding boot-strapping these endeavors, I must perform most of the work, including but not limited to developing websites, when the guy who solicits patrons to develop sites for, so he could have examples of work to add to his portfolio drops the ball you have to fill in the gaps with skills you don’t possess, because you’re working with a nominal budget, um, yeah, you’re moving at a snail’s slow pace. And yeah, leaving a bit of a trail of where you’ve been. I’m no coder, and the best I’ve done is to finally throw up a landing page to capture email leads while sorting one site for what will be a niche affiliate site!

ThhhAT was long-winded.


Having been in San Francisco since the middle of February, I was starting to feel a great need to pick up and keep the movement of getting on a plane to anywhere, alive. Needing to incorporate all ‘myselves’ and ideas and use resources smart, any travel must be multi-purpose. It has to be a place that I don’t overspend, while having a potential opportunity to do business in some form.

Not quite being giving the signal to cross the Atlantic to Europe and the U.K., I settled on visiting my godparents in Atlanta.

My thinking: I have been told a number of times assistance was needed with the business. Hop a flight to see how I may be of assistance, and see if there is a way to add to our respective bottom lines in the process.

I found a one-way flight and booked.

Delta Flight 1455 SFO to ATL departing on October 4th at 06:00 was booked today at 11:09!

I haven’t set date to leave, as my experience and findings will determine my departure.

Once I was done, I began organizing my list of things to do before leaving, and it dawned on me that I’d just booked a very early departing flight. I prefer flying overnight with an early morning arrival to most places. But getting to Atlanta very early wouldn’t suffice, as no one other than Grem had a clue of my plans. I want to be able to show up and slide into the store as if it was just another day. So that this flight arrived at 13:31 was perfect. I could, essentially, ride the train (MARTA) from door to door and leave the same when the time came. Not much of a bother for anyone.

I take a quick look at the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) schedule, only to notice the first train of the morning to arrive at SFO would only give me just about a half-hour window to get to the gate. I sensed that might dampen my mood, so I carried on with other things in prep for being on the move.

The important point of this brief post: I booked and gearing up to go, again. That’s the celebration.

Day of departure….

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