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By InspiredJourney


This past week, there was a moment where Spirit moved me again. A couple days into the week, Spirit moved me again. This time is was more a panic than anything else.

The week prior I’d call to check in with a friend I had spoken with in some months. When calling I was met with the same ‘voicemail’ system that set on my phone. It’s a setting that doesn’t allow you to leave a message if the person hasn’t set up their voicemail, or is really to block unknown or unsaved or approved numbers.

I found it odd, in that it seemed like blocking is not something this person would default too. Granted the current number I have would be a foreign one to her, because I’ve changed it since we last connected. So, I called the Google number I had for her. I left a message.

So, last week Spirit nudged me. I was laying in bed before sunrise, and was suddenly struck with the command to check her Facebook page. Mind you, I don’t use Facebook for social sharing with friends and family. So, I hadn’t seen her updates in months. However, this particular morning, I listened and went to look and was met with well wishers on her timeline. Her mom and brother had a couple of updates that spoke to her being in hospital after having been found unconscious in her apartment. She was taken to hospital and was in a coma! There was a link to a GoFundMe page seeking $15k when I first looked, and later increased to $18k. They had reach half their goal.

My friend had since become conscious, but was said to be despondent.

I got on messenger to reach out to her brother; a man I’d only met once, during his time visiting her when she lived in San Francisco. She was my neighbor. This is how we became friends.

I messaged:


This is [Me], Arielle’s friend and former neighbor while she was in San Francisco. You and I met during your visit with her.

I called to check in with her last week, got the weird voice-mail thing. I thought it was because I have a new number. So I left a message on her Google number.

I didn’t hear back, and Spirit moved me to check her Facebook and was met with the sad news!!!!

I want to give you, your mom, brother and sisters my sincerely well wishes during this time. I am believing with my whole being Arielle will pull through this, as she has with the other setbacks in recent years!

I am in San Francisco for a minute, and would like to offer, that if you need an extra pair of hands, I’m willing to come down to LA for a bit to be of assistance in the best way I can.

You’re welcome to call: XXXXXXXXXX.

Again, give my best to the family. Take comfort in knowing Arielle has friends from every point she’d traveled that are sending her our best!

Be very well,


He responded favorably, citing they’d keep my offer in mind as they may need it. He left his number. I filed it.The last couple days I’ve felt the need to follow-up. I’d like to see if she’s getting better, but I don’t want to appear to be prying and adding any unneeded pressure. One update stated she’d be leaving the hospital and an update would be given when they felt she was up for visitors.

I felt bad for my friend and have, at times, found myself in a deep moment of sending some serious vibes of healing and happiness her way. Similar to when my mom was ill. I find I go into a deep trance-like state. I’m conscious and aware, yet focused on targeting my energy without trying.

So yeah, still waiting for guidance on the best time to reach out again or something.

That’s one part of the week.

The other part was all about podcasting, and how it has progressed with my fine tuning and publishing the first full episode!

It’s been a week of less sleep and nights of not fully resting when sleep. My body has yet to catch my normal rhythm since the trip to Atlanta. Adding more to my workload has proven to push my mind into overdrive. At the moment I’m getting about seven hours of sleep. However, there was one night a mosquito picked an early morning fight that had me awake from 02:30 until 10pm that night. The strange thing is, that by the time I was downing myself for sleep, I wasn’t as exhausted as one might imagine a person would be on only four hours of sleep. I was up the following morning at 03:00!


Scheduling and interviewing more women have been the highlight of this last week.

The follow-up to get people on the site and listening is work that I find a bit taxing! I’m of the perspective that social medial is a joke. I will not be paying Facebook or any other platform to gain greater reach anytime soon. At last I looked, the post had reached 800+ people; this according to Facebook. I find they lie and don’t believe any of it. There are times I get notifications of reviews and mentions that I think of just ways to grab your attention and hopefully trigger something inside, making you want to win and gain more; a skeptic’s perspective, yes. Rightfully so.

Visits to the site have increased, but no one is listening.

Curiously enough, I find I’m not bothered by any of it. There is a cool calm that resides within. I feel the success of all my projects will come together in due time.

I find my days filled with writing, creating graphics, post-production and being engaged in groups where I find women who may have a story I’d like to pursue. It’s busy, to say the least.

I’m coming to recognize areas I’d prefer passing on to someone else. Drafting the show notes is a bit of a pain point, in that I don’t like having to sift through the audio. The sixth interview is where I began asking guests to spell the places mentioned during recording, in between the questions. I’m going to stick with that, as it worked well.

As I tick on for now, I keep my friend at the fore of my thoughts. I believe she will come through this unscathed and whole.

So, continue to watch this space to see how these micro-adventures come together, or not!

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