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I AM. Pondering

By InspiredJourney

I’ve pushed out the latest podcast episode, and have definitely considering options to reduce the frequency and how to best implement having seasons and series. I think the slower pace will allow for vetting quality guest. I’m just not getting in front of the women and stories I want to share.

It’s rough. I did get a positive response from the first young lady I offered the guest blog option too. She has until next week to submit. Will see how that goes.

I find that more and more I’m spending lots of time on social media, specifically Facebook. Though I’ve had an account a few years now, being on is new for me.

I do it to check in with groups of interests, and to share the podcast and capture leads for potential guests.

Facebook really is a mess. I only see things from very few groups, and have had to silence the one gratitude group I’m in, because I was inundated with posts from that group and no others.

There are times I see a post from a page that I’ve forgotten I’ve ‘liked’. Haha… I look and think: What is this? Who are they? Why are they showing up now? It’s weird.

And to with the latest announcement from Zuck, regarding the crackdown and shift from it being a news outlet, makes it more interesting. I do wonder when Facebook will become the next MySpace or Vine.

I now delve to create a profile on any new platform that pops up. I’m finally onboard with being an early adopter, rather than being late to the party. It’s time to capitalize and win at the money game.

Oh, and I’m thinking to draft a book.

The thought has come to the surface a few times. But only recently have I actually thought of what subject of a book or two would be. It seems I might want to make a historical record of my life, go give to Grem. I mean, we don’t have much in the way of extended. I don’t have the full story of those that came before me. So, why not start with me?

I have toyed with putting some sort of genealogical record together. However, that has fizzled. I think I’m going to approach it with the one remaining sibling I have.


This month is the month of my birth. I have nothing planned, but I look forward to seeing what unfolds.

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