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I AM. Moved

By InspiredJourney


…moved beyond measure.

On Saturday, I cried.

That serendipity led me to discover this inspiration, I followed social media pages related to her various projects.

Scrolling online, I see a 46 minute old post, with a photo to the approved draft cover for her coming book for adults.

The title: Rubbing Gravy On Emotional Wounds and Other Sad Stories.

The subtitle: Tales of the hilarity and resilience sometimes found in grief.

The author: Dr. Tamara Pizzoli

You see, this beautiful soul: an American. Mom. Sister. Super Sisterfriend, I’m sure. Creative. Traveler. Lover. Winner., is my super kindred spirit younger sister from another mother. Full Stop.

I don’t know her beyond the few posts and her Indiegogo campaign for Inero, a web-serious about Black women of color living in Rome. But I do know she speaks in loud VOLUMES to me! She’s saying GO! Just go. If you’re ready to relocate, go. Those unrealized art projects you have collecting dust in your mind, um…do something with them. Release them. Actualize them if you want them to live, mmmkay(?).


So much to act on, rather than contemplate.

So much flexing and stretching needed, to relax the paralysis of analysis cycle muscles.

I have a headache just typing the last few lines. But, I’m inspired and feel a change a brewing.

You see, I’m no stranger to taking leaps. You can read about my stepping out with a six-year-old and twenty dollars in my pocket starting with I AM. Humandoing | Wanting

I cried.

I cried because, as per my usual, I had not Googled her name. I never feel the need to cyber stalk anyone…lol. I’m naturally curious, but don’t have that cyber stalk inclination. I prefer to interact with people and have them share what they’d like me to know. However, if I am inspired by a thought, I will act on it. After seeing the coming book’s title, I felt compelled to know more. What is the story that propels this woman? That’s the thought, and the subsequent one was: Google her. So, I did.

I had seen the titles of her books on the publishing site. I had read the titles, and got the gist of the content for the most part. But there was one that wasn’t readily accessible to the skimming me: Auntie Nappy.

I made the assumption the story was about black women and natural hair. BUT, the cover didn’t convey the vividness of the other cheerful educational books. It didn’t convey shallowness you might expect, given the current hair and beauty trends. Given its title, it did speak to something I couldn’t resolve by reading the title and viewing the cover. I noted it mentally, and continued reading the other titles until I was done.

As a result of seeing the post about the upcoming book, I found a few posts and articles that revealed a bit of herstory; Sister, creative, mom, traveler, all the things listed above, confirmed. As expected, she is a bit of a powerhouse. And no, I’m not referring to her, in that she is someone people who are into networking for selfish gains would read. But MORE, I read her energy correct and am pleased.

There was a moment that somehow the mental note about Auntie Nappy was triggered. I darted back to YouTube.

Nefeterius Akeli McPherson is her name. She’s Auntie Nappy! And no, the story has nothing to do with her hair; not in the least! She is another gem of a spitfire, and Auntie Nappy is a storybook written to share Her with her nephews!

I don’t know these Southern-bred women, but I know that southerness. I know its sincerity, its warmth and its compassion.


I crossed paths with Nefeterius’ story a couple of years ago online. Someone had posted a tribute to a friend they’d lost. I didn’t know the full story of her and cause of the illness that resulted in this young woman transitioning into the spirit world. Nor did I pry or search online for the back story. I won’t elaborate, but invite you to have a look, watch and learn about her in this video, if you’re inclined. Be inclined. 

It wasn’t until ‘my sisterfriend’ Tamara, posted the magnet that is her book cover, that I was drawn to look closer. When the universe keeps throwing you signals, you must listen, act or respond. I did, and am Thankful I’m privileged to know the power of consciousness and being present.

As a result:

I cried because, joy.

I cried to mourn Nefeterius.

I cried for her family and their loss.

I cried for the scores of friends who continuously update her now legacy FB page with greetings, thoughts and birthday wishes.

I cry as I type this. UGH!

I cry because I give infinite thanks.

I give thanks to everything that brought me, you, us, them to this point.

I give thanks for being.

I give thanks for living.

I give thanks for ability.

I give thanks for wishes.

I give thanks for dreams!

I give thanks for presence.

I give thanks for thriving.

I give thanks for/to you.

I give thanks for these women I’m writing about.

And shockingly, I give thanks to Zuckerberg, because: that 49 minute old post.

And I give thanks to Tamara and for her gift, and her ability to listen, and hear, and be inspired, and follow through, and for Rubbing Gravy On Emotional Wounds and Other Sad Stories. The subtitle: Tales of the hilarity and resilience sometimes found in grief. Because without any of the aforementioned, the legacy of Auntie Nappy might have never been revealed; remaining a mental note, that may have or not, moved me to my core and expressing all this gratitude and hopefully inspiring you!

I know, I know. You’re happy we have this moment and breath to hear and inspire(?)!

I am!

So. Be. Inspired. 

And be very well as you go forth, for you are MOST WORTHY.


9 responses to “I AM. Moved”

  1. Olivia says:

    I love how open you are with your emotions and the things that inspire you and move you in other ways. It’s motivational for sure.

  2. Tiffany says:

    This is beautifully written, I can feel your energy, curiousity, and emotions and I just want to keep reading more. I’m now curious and want to do some googling myself haha! Thanks for this writing, I’m inspired!

  3. Letitia says:

    I really loved this and your vulnerability as well. So moving.

  4. Heather says:

    There is a rhythm and lyricism to your writing that moves me. Your words are poetry.

  5. Kya says:

    Very beautiful writing style.

    I would find joy living inside your mind, but i’m sure that the complexity would rip me to pieces.

    “So much flexing and stretching needed, to relax the paralysis of analysis cycle muscles.”

    This line spoke to me deeply.

    I am always in contemplation/research mode for far too long.

    I am inspired to leap.

    Thank you for this.

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