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I AM. Methodical

By InspiredJourney


So, as last I wrote, I had the idea to form a business entity. With the latest tax bill made law, I am reading it’s best to have a federal tax filing as a S-Corporation, for max tax benefit.

I’m thinking to file a Limited Liability Company in Delaware with the S-Corp. filing.

Not sure when I’ll get this done, but am working on it.

This past week was filled with my getting some things done, while others are lagging. The latter is as a result of working to develop a mastermind with others at a similar point in working on an online business. I’ve been taking time to get a feel for those who’ve responded affirmatively. One lady expressed ‘overly’ enthusiastic energy from the beginning. I noticed a bit of looming negativity might be afoot, when she declared French people are miserable. The blanket statement gave me pause, and I continued looking for others that may file that gap. But it’s been a no go.

So, although I wanted to have a small select group of five, I thought to start as three. I messaged both ladies to see when they might be available. Of course, as I thought would be the case, Negative Nancy had ‘lost’ her enthusiasm.

I mentioned wanting to get things going because I’m contemplating the LLc business structure. To which she responded: I studied business law, you don’t want to file an LLc. She too vomited all of her issues; looking for a job to stabilize, after being fired a month ago.

I knew and am thankful I followed my intuition to proceed at a slow pace when putting this group together. I knew the high of initial enthusiasm would wane, and I’d see the true level of interest in successful masterminding.

The second lady has yet to respond.

I’ll continue with my search.

I did have a short-term goal that I offered accountability to another woman, after seeing she had not met a goal she’d set. Together, we set the goal to get a first draft of terms and disclaimers for our sites done by yesterday, and if needed, we’d edit and get the final done by Friday. We both showed up with our respective drafts and approved of them.

It was a great feeling to just have someone honor their word and show up!

We both have a small win on the books, as we work towards getting the sites established.

I’d like to revamp the look of the site. But am a bit lazy about wanting to muck with it. The idea of one change forcing another is daunting. At this point, I’m more interested in generating, sourcing or curating content, than dealing with the technical aspects.

Le Sigh.

I can only say I’m pleased that my mind is lively and that ideas are still flowing.

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