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I AM. Magnetic

By InspiredJourney


One thing I’ve noticed I have no interest in grocery shopping.

This is strange, because the nature of my work demands I sit in front of this computer or a piece of media producing.

That, in turns, leaves me with a bit of tunnel vision, by which I exhaust a great number of solitary hours. Basically, once I get started, I take breaks to only once I listen to my internal voice that demands I eat something. At the present moment, I don’t have a person chef or shopper. I don’t order delivery often and would basically starve if I didn’t get to a market to stock the cupboards and fridge.

I have a game of counting how many days I can stretch the latest haul. This last time I managed to eek out 13 days before I had to restock. Once I have only one banana left, it’s time. I can get on having oversized smoothies and popcorn topped with an array of seasonings if there is nothing else left. But when I get low of fruit, fresh or froze, a shopping excursion is an absolute.

I had mentally negotiated going after sunset. An hour passed sunset expired, and I was still sitting at my desk, clicking on a keyboard.

I negotiate an extension, citing I know it’s a must and will get done tonight, but give me a minute.

I oblige.

Darker out, I stand and think: Maybe tomorrow, early am(?).

Yeah. I grant permission to that, but then immediately have a second thought and say “nah, I’m going now.”

I step into my ‘uniform’ of camo cargos, black stretch tank, denim jack, shoes and load my backpack with my shopping bags.

Success! I’m on the road, hop the train and shop.

Afterwards, spotting the train and waiting on the return train to come to a stop, I’m greeted by a man with an accent I can’t place. He has cheer in his eyes, and greets me with a compliment of one of my shopping bags.

“Nice bag. Where’d you get it?”, he says.

I look at my collection, and deduce he’s speaking about the colorful one.

“Blick”, I state as I gather them from the cast bronze house chairs that had been installed at this particular stop a few years ago.

The train approaches as he leans in to go deeper into convo. The train is approaching and I wanted to get on the last car and abruptly apologize for having to cut him short, but I had to get going and expressed so.

For a moment, I felt bad, as I like to allow people to express what they are inspired to. Because I knew what was happening, my fro was attracting energy. I can generally sense the vibe when my hair is out in its full glory. It has a magnetic ability, and I have to be careful about how I engage with those that approach. I’ve had some that are not wrapped to tight, say some strange things, tell me their stories and shoot their shot. It truly is about this hair, and I’m not just staying it to be dismissive.

It was about 22:30 at this time. I wanted to get my things unpacked and settle in for the night and not have to fend inadvertently giving a ‘green light’ to someone’s intention I wasn’t privy too.

Train approaches, I apologize for needing to dash off, and I dash.

Two stops later I’m nearing my place weighted down.

So happy to reach my door I drop everything once inside and store the perishables, leaving the rest to be stored the next day.

Prepped for bed, I take a look at the stats of my campaign.

Dismal to some, okay to me…haha. I was still pleased and happy to have triggered it.

I make myself switch off to rest, rejuvenate and allow my brain to develop the next creative ideas and strategies.

What next?

The simple story of a delish black bean soup, and the power and effect of projecting and attracting energy.

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