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I AM. Juiced

By InspiredJourney


Having survived Chico’s call to stand their ground, continue exploring my residence of the next couple weeks.

Frazzled nerves are not always apparent, enter mindless eating.

That said, my nerves were likely needing some pacifying. Hence, I’m happy to be outside walking around taking in the sites.

What else other than food stuff in your mouth pacifies like food stuff? Juice? Maybe?

Yup! That’ll do.

Juice bars in Puerto Escondido are the ubiquitous ‘coffee houses’ in the U.S and sides of pork cooked, chopped and dished up on nearly every corner in CDMX. There is always a place to pop in for fresh blends, just around a couple corners.

So, to needless insert a bit of current Bay Area slang and behave like Barak Obama’s dad jeans look, I’m literally and figuratively JUICED (loosely defined as ecstatic) to see one.

Grem would not approve that usage … haha, but #carryon.

Similar to the Jorge’s place, I’m loving the presentation of JugoBar. The is a nice colorful sign displaying the menu.

Though the guy behind the counter tried selling me on the day’s special blend with Moringa, I was drawn to the richly colored red beets and the idea of grapefruit, some greens, ginger with pears or green apples.

I ordered the largest size possible: 32 ouncer.

One trend I appreciate seeing had made some impact, is using containers that aren’t plastic. He had the option for you to buy or return and get your deposit on the bottle paid with the order. I, of course, commented how that was really appreciated, and knew I’d return the bottle once I was set to leave.

In a deep rich beetroot color topped by a tiny bit of froth displaying its freshness, the bottle of juice was beautiful. I was ready to, and did indeed drink it immediately. I had to pace myself to enjoy the taste, because I could have eeeasily chugged it down.

Mexico definitely spoiled me in this regard; being able to have access to inexpensive fruit just makes sense from a health perspective. Back in the states, I do shop at local farmer’s markets to get my fruit and veggies, rather than shopping in the grocery stores. The price and you could say quality is better. The latter I’m on the fence about, because I do believe some ‘farmer’s’ aren’t using best practices to grow, nor to I believe they grow everything they sell. They win on pricing with me. I eat the produce I get from the market, rather than juicing. I would invest in a juicer and have more at home if I had the space to compost.  I do, however, buy multiple large bags of fruit from the grocery store for smoothies. I like the idea of juicing, but also love that I get the fiber that’s blended in smoothies.

Speaking of which, I was inspired to test being only fruitarian last year. It was the first time I’d embarked on this way of consuming food. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

My intent was to have three smoothies a day, but discovered I was filled for about the entire first week with only one large (about 32 ounces) smoothie. I did blends of fruit and always included a green element of kale or spinach.

Having read a number of posts, articles and watching videos of fruitarians, I understood this sensation of being filled was normal, but that I’d need to increase my calorie intake. I did by pushing it to two and then three a day over the first few weeks.

I felt great, and could really see a change in my appearance. The weight loss was a given, but in reading and seeing others, had quite comprehended the improvement that took shape. My skin and eyes were radiating, literally. That was quite surprising. Well, not that one couldn’t deduce something like this would happen, but it was I felt clean and clear and looked it.  I didn’t completely think about the ‘superficial’effects of eating this way. When I say superficial, meaning how pretty my skin would be. That was the added benefit I would say. But there too was another ‘benefit’; the appearance attracts energy. More on this aspect later. Read on.

Eventually, my body acclimated to the quantity I consume.

I trimmed fat to the point where I was once questioned “What happened? What is going on?”, by a wanna ‘suitor’. I’m being polite in giving him more credit than he deserves because he felt alluding to the possibility of marriage would inspire me to do what adults do in the dark, and sometimes in the light … haha. I ate this way for about 95 days before I began to crave salt. Yes, salt.

Surprised, I was.

I made the assumption my body was needing something, and the crave triggered that.

One to listen to cues, I followed up by ordering some vegetarian food: Thai Drunken Noodles, Tom Yum soup. I forget the addition word that indicates the veggie variety.

The food was greasy and heavy, but broke my all raw intake and created more cravings. Baked potatoes with a veggie butter was my go to and have been eating cooked since. Soon enough, it showed in my weight increase, non-glowing skin/eyes, increased appetite and mostly importantly, a shift in mood. Yes, my mood was noticeably low.

So, yes, having access to fresh juice nearly every few blocks in Puerto was welcomed!

Combined with the 95% fruit I was eating,  the juice and sun, I was glowing again and, ahem, noticed!

Because, when adoration becomes, le sigh, too much ….

Act 3, Scene 1:

[She sits enjoying the shade, enjoying the breeze while people watching as he approaches]

Hombre: Muy guapa morenita! ¿De donde eres?

Mujere: [thinking UGH!]

Attempting to activate her nonexistent invisibility superpower failed.

They ‘talk’.

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