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I AM. Inspired

By InspiredJourney


While online, on Facebook of all places, I stumble into a group and see a beautiful graphic crafted in the likeness of Frida Kahlo. It was the cover of what is one in a series of children’s alphabet books.

I am immediately drawn to the vivid palette of vibrant greens and pinks.

I comment my love for the image and book and intention!

I take a gander at the page of which it was housed. The English Schoolhouse, “an Award-Winning Boutique Publishing House”, based in Rome, Italy!

This one cover led my natural curious self into a rabbit hole of glorious goodness; More children’s books; More art. More…um…cute and meaningful things.

Who is this?! And how was I lucky enough to come across all this wonderful and inspiring and kind energy?!

I don’t know, but I was smitten. I was taken aback and I was thankful.

This black woman; an American living in Rome.

O.M.G…she’s living.

She creating, and she’s sharing her creations and she’s curating and selling the beautiful creations of others. How is it that she, this muse, placed in front of me. This golden woman.

Inspired, I was completely moved to pm her!!! Of All Things, I, Stealthy FB user to only connect with groups of interest was messaging someone I didn’t know. Don’t get me wrong, I’m vocal when moved, but people are a bit weirded (because, no one trusts anyone) when it comes to strangers inboxing them. I tend to be the opposite. I welcome and trust until given a reason to not, and then I DON’T.

And theeeen, she responded positively and wanted to connect.

I let her know I am boring as ever, and basically only use that empty profile to connect with groups, and would be happy to stay in touch beyond that.

It’s was a beautiful exchange.

I went on to see a web series she was creating and other goodness.

I was so inspired, I could be nothing other that extremely grateful for that gift of a moment.

Thank you universe!

I carry on learning and developing strategic plans for social media marketing, in addition to keeping an eye on conversations about other business models, including drop shipping and FBA. I have been indie for years, and needing to increase my flow of capital as I contemplate emigrating.

I want to remain indie and not be reliant upon anyone for help in the form of housing or finance when I do. So, at this time, I’m planting seeds to grow addition streams of abundant cash flow!!!

I tick along with ‘Project Pay It Forward’, while keeping an ear tuned for any moment Grem might call in need of assistance. He has been working 30 hours, moved out and testing his ability handle more responsibilities in to prepping for first day of classes.

His hope is to help me see that he is okay and that I should set off on my journey.

I thank him, and will indeed keep stepping into my light.

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