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I AM. Focused

By InspiredJourney

We’ve arrived at the last day of February. It’s amazing how the first couple months of the year are nothing more than a flash, as it always feels as if January 1st was no more than a couple of weeks ago. But alas, tomorrow is the 1st day of March.

The week was more of the tRump and NRA pony show. Additionally there was more coverage of the growing effort of the teens movement to evoke change with this country’s gun laws; more pushback from the NRA and Republicans of the House and Senate; more calls from the public for corporations to sever their ties with the NRA; more ‘scandals’ within the White House and additional charges leveraged again this guy Manafort. It’s all great fodder for a soap opera.

I spent this week a bit discouraged by the caliber of people submitting to be on the podcast. I haven’t recorded any new episodes. I received a new guest blog submission that wasn’t quite to the level I’d like published on the site.

All this being said, I’m not giving up. I am focusing my energy to get more content on the site with guest blog posts, and looking at changing the look of the site. I’m using a theme that has the minimalistic characteristics I like, but the font is just too small and the hyperlinks don’t appear any different from the rest of the text in a post. I have identified another theme, and will likely revamp and configure the settings to suit my need.

I’ve been tossing the idea to connect with a select group of people to have a mastermind for those wanting to create, established and monetize a blog. I’m fielding now and hoping to have it established and we have our first meeting in a couple of weeks. I’m in talks with two women now, but pacing myself with making the decision. I need those that are committed and positive.

I’ve been saving for a new MacBook Pro (MBP). It has taken some time, because instead of going into my reserve, I’ve been stashing all monies over my primary monthly expenses in a separate fund. The fund is not further along because I donated some money to a victim of Hurricane Harvey a few months back, because I firmly believe it’s better to give freely if I have it to sacrifice. That is one factor in it taking a bit more time than I’d like, but I also realize I don’t have a real pressing need to have a new computer. I can tick along with this old one to complete my current tasks. I justify the latter, because I want to have a side hustle primed and ready for me to launch and pay back the investment in a new system and accoutrements.

The interesting fact is that there was a mysterious deposit, close the amount I’d loaned, in my account. I wasn’t sure where this came from, and there was no note associated with the transaction. But some time later, it donned in me that it was likely from Wells Fargo, for their heinous actions of stealing from customers over the years. I guess they hedge their bets on the fact that they could amass interest that would be more of a profit than the fines leveraged once they were found out. Normally I’d follow up before using such money. However, in this case, I had zero care for Wells Fargo, but I digress. I’m close and have the goal to be ready in the next two months.

Speaking of monetizing, I made the statement that I truly believe I can garner at least $5k monthly, using my art and developing niche sites filled with affiliates. This point speaks with the feeling of being imprisoned I spoke about here. In that I’m in deep to Sallie Mae and friends. It’s a bit of a balancing act to navigate around this and not trigger an avalanche of problems. But as I write this, I have an idea. Hmmm, feeling good about that and am consciously and methodically working towards actualizing it.

So, March, what are you up too?

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