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I AM. Flattered

By InspiredJourney



After a night cocktails with Chema, I roused to perform my daily duties.

Due to the heat in my room, the fruit would ripen to so quick that it was best that I shop every two days. Shop this day I did.

I took my usual stroll to the supermarket.

When blood is coursing through the veins of men and you have a nice glowing bronzy tan, they let you know if there’s an attraction to you. Make no mistake, today’s walk was similar to others in all ways.

Exiting the store, I spotted a man walking across the street from the market. Not sure why he fell into my line of view, but I’d learn he was heading in the direction of the path I’d take back to Le Cirque du Hostel.

At some point, he crossed over to my side of the street.

Walking just one step ahead of me, he politely greeted me in a gentle tone, in Spanish. I reciprocated.

I felt as if I was towering over him, as had yet to step up onto the sidewalk. If you’ve never been to Mexico, let me tell you, they construct their sidewalks very high. At times, it felt like I was stepping up five feet to climb up. At most, it was likely only two feet. Literally.

Due to my lack of fluency, we quickly transitioned to speaking in English.

He was walking to the beach, to his boat, where he took tourist out to whale watch or something.

He inquired where I was staying. Once I named the place, he, like everyone knew the spot. This place was very well known. Apparently it had been the go to destination for those looking for a great hostel to stay. But it seems that over time, it’s lost its direction, and was falling into a state of disrepair.

By the time we arrived at the place we’d part, he asked if I’d be interested in getting a beer. Feeling no harm or foul, I agreed to meet up at the local ‘watering veranda’ (the space just outside the doors of 69), the go to convenience store for some essentials and mostly booze.

After my ‘near death moment‘, I sat at 69 lost in watching the news of current political events, when I noticed an hour had passed and Ever hadn’t showed. What’s Ever you ask? Yes, Ever es su nombre. I know, I was perplexed as well.

Thinking I’d been stood up, I elected to watch a bit more news before leaving. It felt like minutes later that I hear a softly spoken “hello”. Not realizing I was the recipient, it took few seconds for me to hear he was speaking to me.

He offered and walked in to get beers.

Victoria or Corona?

He returns and asked which I’d like.

I choose Victoria, only because I’d never had it before.

Ever was kind in that he chose a Corona, thinking this gringo would prefer that, and later confessed being disappointed when I didn’t choose it.

We laughed and talked about the reputation that the Victoria has a reputation for being a better quality of beer, comparatively speaking.

We sat for hours talking and drinking multiple beers and running to relieve our respective bladders, frequently.

Ever, divorced father of two who had been in business with his brothers over the years, was now a captain of a boat that took gringos out for tours.

I never quite got the backstory or mean of his name. Just know, that though I use pseudonym for most, I chose to use his given name because it was so new and odd to me.

He spoke of his struggles, after having given everything to his ex and two boys. And given my nature of being inappropriately direct at times, I asked if he had ever struggled with substance abuse. I was specifically asking about cocaine. Why? I had a sense there was so much more to his story, given the success they’d had in business. Granted the talk of success could have been all lies. However, he seemed really honest in answering “yes”, to my question.

He recounted those days, fondly remembering them while simultaneously regretting wasting lots of money feeding his taste.

We watched a number of men and women pass back and forth. At different points, he’d comment on this or that woman in a way that I knew just being seen with him would lump me into the category of other women having ‘their needs’ met, and guys like Ever happy to accommodate them. At that point, I made it known I had zero interest in being sexual with him or anyone there, for that matter. My time on this trip was more about me reconnecting with me; expending energy on self and sharing some with others. This was a self-oriented trip, and sharing my body with someone and being entangled energetically was not on the list, much less ranking.

The basket of a few deplorables from Hostel Instant Mistake, walked by. Chieftress Lead Deplorable Margeaux was among the pack.

They speak, I speak.

Thinking nothing of it (until something was made of it. Gossip oh gossip, how you live and never die.), Ever and I carry on, he asking if I’d like to walk to the beach.

I accept.

Making our way to the beach, we walk, talk and laugh the whole entire distance.

We reach a very tall set of steps that lead to the beach.

We begin descending.

Ever, in front of me, reaches up for my hand as I reach the first step. I clutch his and he leads me.

We talk and laugh more.

In the moment of some hearty laughter, I see Jean and Marrrgeaux coming around a bend on their ascent. Ugh.

As we’re passing, we’re polite, acknowledging one another, Margeaux’s eyes glued to see who was attached to the hand that was assisting me.

Sand covered feet, Ever decides to take me to a less populated area of the beach. We scale a rocky hill to reach this cute little cove. It was one of those times, you’re happy you’re with a local resident, because the beach was filled with gringo finishing their tanning, as the sun would soon set.

The water was crystal clear.

“Woowww”, Ever says as he’s staring into my eyes.

I asked, but he never elaborated on what prompted it. He did, however, feel a bit inclined to show me something. I think it was meant to entice me, but it was a bit sleepy or too cold and sleepy to make a significant impression … LOL!!!

This was the cue to conclude our visit to the beach. Luckily, it was also the time some other local residents came over the hill to enjoy this little cove.

We gather our things and walk back to Le Hostel Give Me A Break.

The sun has set, and it’s dark once we reach.

Not one to give up, Ever asked me out to dance. Appreciating his effort, I politely declined.

Not one to go down without some reward for the time he’d put in, he then asked if he could have a kiss. Appreciating his effort, I again, politely decline.

We part ways.

The day is officially over.

I prepare for the next days’ adventure, which didn’t fail to live up to Hostel Disaster’s vibration.

It included my needing to wake and be assisted by Margeaux and Jean before daybreak; one broken key, a half inch thick lock being drilled by a locksmith and me shedding a few frustrated tears.

I dubbed it Operation Lockgate.


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