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I AM. Faith | Revelation

By InspiredJourney



My neighbor. 

He’s lived fully.

He’s not from the most nurturing of families.

Nevertheless, he managed to live to the best of his ability, and carve a life on his terms.

I speak with my neighbor regularly.

Prior to a couple of weeks ago, I spoke with him a couple of times a week, and sometimes once, and sometimes not at all.

Over the last couple weeks, I’ve spoken with him daily.

I speak with him daily because there was a moment we were on a call, and it seemed the signal was garbling his voice. I can only describe it as listening to a person talking while under water.

I made the statement that I couldn’t understand him because the signal must be interrupted.

He was up and preparing himself to walk to a local eatery for a bite to eat when it happened.

You see, he hadn’t felt well for a bit, and was mustering the energy to satisfy a craving.

But, he didn’t make it to grab that bite.

He was having difficulty speaking, citing: This hasn’t happened before!

I’m asking: ARE You Okay?!

Apparently not.

His energy had been super low. But he wasn’t interested in visiting his physician. His plan was to ‘fight through it, and bounce back’.

But at this moment, I’m, me, mama bear energy and all, on the other end of the call emphatically asking if he was okay. He says he was having a hard time (while having a hard time communicating) speaking. He asks if he should call 911.

In no mixing of terms I say call 911, AND Call Me Back after you have. That last part was because I had observed a stubbornness that my neighbor held on to for LIFE!


I had the instinct to call 911 myself but, for a nanosecond, felt it necessary to wait no more than 60 seconds to hear from him before I did. I didn’t want to create an unnecessary fuss, bring unwanted attention to him.

Holding the phone, staring at the screen with his number waiting to be call, time ticks.

Enough time has elapsed, and I extend my thumb to dial. At that moment, an incoming call pops up. It took half a second for my mind to process it was him.

I answer: Did you call?!


“Are they coming?”

“Yes. The operator asked if I have a heart problem, and I say kinda, but tell her there is something wrong with my throat; that I can’t speak properly.”

“Okay, so they’re coming. Good, because I know you, and if you hadn’t call I was going to. I wanted to wait and not cause fuss and too much attention if that’s not what you wanted. BUT, I was going to call if you didn’t pick up my call back to you!”

The EMTs were dispatched, so we got off the call so he could prep himself for their arrival.

A few minutes later he calls, asking if I would still be willing to keep the spare key to his place. And because yes, I popped down to get it from him.

The EMTs were there, standing in the open door when I walk up.

While explaining the events, he reaches, passing them the key to pass to me.

I try assessing his energy, and if he wanted me to stay or go. By nature I am private and don’t like lots of attention and one to respect boundaries. When it comes to sensitive issues about his health, he may not have wanted an audience beyond the medics.

He appeared vulnerable, and I gave the look that I could stay if he needed or go if that were best. He seemed to be okay with my going.

I did.

Hours later, I ring him up to see if he’s okay.

No answer.

Hours passed into the next day.

Late afternoon, my phone rings.

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