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Neighbor tells me of ALL the things that have transpired since we last saw one another; one thing being that they attached metal plates to his chest and back. He has an irregular heartbeat, and this is one source of his fatigue.

So. Much. Going. On.

Let’s go back in time for a moment. Neighbor was in hospital some weeks before this most recent incident. He was experiencing some, to put it politely, gastrointestinal issues.

He left the hospital against medical advice.

After that hospital stay, he got a letter from the Health Department, stating they needed to speak with him. During the call neighbor was quizzed on recent activities; the, where he had been, what he had done and with whom he had done it.

The health department wanted to narrow the root location of where and how he’d made contact with a certain bacteria.

Days prior, he spoke of really appreciating his doctor while noting the bag of meds doc had sent. Curious, I asked why this was noteworthy. He spoke of his gastro issues, that one of the meds was supposedly to aid in conquering this bacteria.

Again, I inquired.

Neighbor wasn’t completely sure, and began spelling: C-r-y-p-.

Before he could finish I blurt: “Cryptosporidium?!”

He begins again: C-r-y-p-t-o-s-p-o-r-i-d-i-o-s-i-s.

Having wealth of random knowledge floating in my head, I’d forgotten why I even knew the word Cryptosporidium. A quick Google search to check this –dosis reminded me of why I’d know this seemingly arbitrary term.

The bacterium is ingested. There are only a couple of sources for human to do so. You can search to discover the other place this bacteria thrives, but I’ll tell you contaminated water is one source of contact. For years this term laid quietly in the folds of my brain matter, because of the time I’d researched the best water filtration systems. There are various filters, and I remember wanting to know the gold standard when choosing a filter.


My neighbor confesses being stubborn. He confesses given his physicians a hard time.

He confesses having resisted their protocol.

He trusts this particular doctor though.

And that bag of meds seemed to convey a deeper approval of said doc.

Most times, I am gentle when speaking with him about these sensitive subjects, but this time I was quite firm in stating that he needed to push aside his innate stubbornness and let them know the what, whom and where this bacteria came from. I explained the need to pinpoint the source to prevent an outbreak of some sort, and this is not the time to sit in being contrary.

He lives in denial, this one. I find that common with men who’ve resided in the closet, mostly.

He uses denial and humor to get through living.

He uses God as his ‘source’ of peace and resolve living through these tribulations; replacing years of debauchery and abusing his body with substance and sex.

It was suggested that he consider checking into hospice.

Neighbor says it has been ten years that doctors have been giving him bad news; serving up death as the inevitable.

And now, two weeks spent in the hospital due to involuntary spasms.

Naturally, neighbor is not completely forth coming with all that’s being said.

Attending physicians and residents come and go. He tells me that one resident said that he’s never met anyone like him, only read textbook cases about people like him.

Neighbor, needing to find the humor: “They act as if they are going to write books about me! I’ll be famous.”


Back home, less dehydrated and on meds, he’s energized.

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