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I AM. Energized

By InspiredJourney


To pick up on the energy I left stranded after my shopping trip, I wanted to circle back to elaborate.

To be cliché, let me state: My hair is big, bold, and I’m sure similar to anyone reading this, does have a life of its own. Yes, it lives because I live. However, it attracts attention, approach and conversation when I have no desire for any of that. So, you see, it lives its life by its will.

As a result of some previous off-putting and unwanted attention and approach, I’ve exercised not wearing my hair out at times. To close any gaps and room for any assumption, no, I’m not allowing others to dictate what I do with my person. However, during times when I don’t wanting to be bothered, I present with the intention to thwart such approach. This is what I mean when I speak about power and effect of projecting and attracting attention.

By virtue of life, every living thing has power. It projects and attracts and lives and FEEDS off the energy of every other living thing. We do, the plants and animals do. We’re interconnected.

So, back to my hair and the resulting randomness of approach.

My hair, welcoming energy and patience have attracting strangeness…haha. Seriously. I believe the bigger, longer and seemingly free-er (read: ‘wild’, loose, not perfectly coiffed) the hair appears to those that are attracted to femininity, has a natural magnetic pull.

On the train in Atlanta once, a ‘man’, with a wide toothy grin on his face said: “You look like you have that (inaudible) look.”

That what? What look? I really didn’t hear him clearly.

Yeah, I asked: That waaahT?

Him, still grinning: That just fucked look.

[Hmhp] Disrespect is all I got from that.

Not sure how the energy just bubbles over for some males people. But it does. I had no words.

Another encounter, here in San Francisco: Heeeeey sister! How you doing?

Me, being polite: I’m fine. Thanks.
Him: You look like you’re doing fine. I love your hair!

Me, slightly curt: Thanks.

Those two responses were enough of a green light to invite him to share the story about his sisters and some wild story about his ex. I didn’t hear, nor did I have interest in the details. I just remember thinking here is the effect of some mental imbalance or stress at play here.

I remained cordial and silent, nodding in acknowledgement, until my stop.

Once, a man yelled “Diana Ross”, as I walked down and SF street. I have since cut about four inches off, and my hair is not as big as it was. But nevertheless, it has a way of attracting attention.

For me, an introvert leaning ambivert, this is a slight problem.

Yes, I’ll grant you, given the choice of fabrics, color and or print, sunglass frames and hair, I likely present as an extrovert that may want or need attention from the public.

I don’t.

In fact, I only dress for me, not to turn the heads or elicit response others.

I actually prefer to not have any. [hashtag FACTS].

But there is a reason I am circling back to the other night when this man, I think he has a German accent, is that I don’t like being rude. I feel having to cut him short to catch hop the train was a bit rude.

Yes, yes, no one is entitled to my attention. However, when they have been nothing beyond polite to me, I like to respond in kind. That night’s events, didn’t allow for me to reciprocate the way in which I would have preferred.

All in all, I’m of the opinion we are lacking in the way we engage now. We are in a deficit of kindness and depth. I truly believe we are more busy and distracted and over stimulated, and … and NOT more efficient as, technological advances promised.

So, if you happen to have found this post and read to this point, HELLO! You is kind, and you is impooortant.. Remember that scene from The Help? I laaaaughed.

I hope you laughed too, and feel inspired to drop me a kind word or two.

Speaking of inspiration, my muse popped up again with something moved me ….

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