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I AM. Effective

By InspiredJourney

On the tails of the excitement of the last entry, this week pales in comparison.

I spent in a holding position, of sorts.

I did show for mandatory jury duty.

I was excused.

Pleased, because I’ve received a summons about five times in the last
three and a half years.

I walked until I landed at Nordstrom’s.

I was in the mood for a new pair of shoes, dress or hat. But wasn’t inspired by anything I saw. I combed the store, and nothing.

I followed with a visit to Bed, Bath and Beyond. I needed to replenish my stock of bath soap.

I thought to buy new flatware and plates. But again, nothing inspired me.

While at the store, a friendly older woman struck up a conversation over the flatware. We spoke for a while about many things and parted ways. She later passed and offered to share her stash of the ubiquitous coupons that are Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Of course, I kindly reclined, and she insisted.

Knowing they offer really good coupons, I didn’t want to take from her.

She insisted, citing she had loads.

She taught me that although some had expired, they are still valid at our local store here in the city.

I was stunned, and felt better about accepting whatever she wanted to give.

Reason being, not only is it gracious to accept when someone is offering, it too is about allowing the giver to enjoy their ability to do so.

People want to give, as it really fills them. So, I’m mindful to get out-of-the-way and receive and let people live in that glow of giving.

I mentioned that one thing I know for certain, is that givers receive by leaps.

My philosophy is that one who lives with a giving hand, has an open hand to receive.

I teared up as I shared my thought about it.

I tear up as I recount this.

We parted ways again, and I carried on looking at dinnerware.

Minutes later, frustrated, I abandoned my plans for plates and flatware and grabbed lots of Dr. Bronners peppermint soap and left.

The great thing about this particular location, are the group of stores are the ones I need.

So, I bounced to the Trader Joe’s next door.

I needed to stock up on more fresh and frozen fruit for smoothies.

At this point, I’d been out of the house since about ten minutes to 7am, and was growing exhausted. My Keen boots were more restrictive than my usual bare feet or sandals, and I was feeling it.

Saddled with a few heavy bags at this point, I made a pit stop on the bench just outside of the store to rest before walking back to my place.

Finally back at my place, I stripped: kicking off my boots and shedding my denim jacket.

I’d been walking for about 11 hours by the time I got in.

Tired feet!

Needless to say, I didn’t make it to San Tung, Arizmendi or the beach as I noted the last week. Nevertheless, I’m please with what I accomplished today.

Of course, beyond fielding a couple of potential guest submissions, I got no work done on the podcast or otherwise.

In addition to the probable scheduling with the woman in Russia, I connected with another woman living in Central America.

I’m scheduled to follow-up with her after April 29th. I set a reminder and will definitely circle back.

So, as times ticks I’m looking forward to developing events to come.

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