slowly surely + xyz : a journey of (re)discovery

I AM. Committed

By InspiredJourney

Hey hey! We’re back because the micro-adventures are still alive.

This will be a short and sweet update. I don’t have much more driving me than my projects, which aren’t a terrible bother.

I got through the first release of a full-length episode unscathed. I think.

It’s been another week of doing. This is a great thing because my intention since launching this bog was to make progress at finding me, my interests and working towards something meaningful and enjoyable in life.

I’ve succeeded, somewhat. I cannot complain.

Speaking of complaining, I find my mindset has completely shifted in a
positive way. I’m speaking in the affirmative, mostly, and taking

responsibility for all things related to me. I mean, if I was not as productive as I might have thought would be smart, I simply think: Yeah, you didn’t do X, but it’s you not doing it.  So, perhaps it was something you didn’t want to do. No need to default to excuse it away with the usual talk we may all think. I did or didn’t, and thus that’s all on me.

With regard to Arielle and the podcast, I haven’t heard anything from anything from her family. I had a look at her Facebook to make sure I didn’t need to message condolences to the family. I was a bit shook while navigating to her page. Fortunately, there was not negative


I’m always sending positive thoughts her way.

The podcast is ticking along. This is about the time I find I’ve lost interest in new projects. However, I’m committed to this because I want to have a few accomplishments in the wins column. It’s similar to this blog. I never thought I’d get through six weeks, much less fifty-six! Yet here I am, pecking at the keyboard on this ‘desperately needing to be replaced Mac’!

The next, officially second full-length, episode is coming Sunday.

I’ve been really resistant to getting the writing aspect of the show done! The show notes are written in the form of a blog post for the dedicated website I’m hosting everything. I know I’ll get them done, but do question the internal fight I have about it. I’m really working to reprogram my mind to just get on with anything I need to get done.

The ‘marketing’ has been a complete pill. I don’t let that bother me either … lol. I post a duplicate of the show notes on Medium, share to Facebook and Pinterest. I’m keen to only focus on these platforms for now. Will see how that goes and branch when needed.

I’ve decided with of the recordings will be the next published. She’s a woman that migrated to the US with her family and has now decided to leave for a European country. It was a great conversation. I really appreciated her level of care and respect for how the session was to work. The level of detail she gave was great, and it was a very clean recording. Double great!

So, continue to watch this space as I keep ticking on. Perhaps these entries may find they have been compiled into a book of nothingness or something. [Shrugs]

Let’s seen what’s next.

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