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I AM. Coasting

By InspiredJourney



I have commented on how I am taking all things in stride.

This includes my relation and lack of communication with Grem; podcast
development and slow guest acquisition; forming the business. That said, I made contact with two, seemingly interesting women, to invite as guests.

The first is a married mom living between three EU countries, who spends some time in the U.S.; the other, an African-American living in Russia of all places.

The vetting conversations were intriguing. I booked and interviewed
the first, and am waiting for dates to schedule the second.

I found the first lady interesting, yet a bit scattered all over the place. I was left wondering how she could possibly be navigating life effectively, while juggling the many balls, paintbrushes and potty

I mean, I was a tad bit triggered while listening to her story in the pre-interview session to determine if we’d schedule.

We did, and it was a bit of a doozy, in that I found the need to interrupt a couple of time focus the conversation.

She was a sweetheart, and similar to me, a bit of a Unicorn.

She’s a sharp lady that is alternative to the humdrum of the mainstream. It was refreshing to connect, and also hear her story.

The other lady is an African-American woman living in Moscow.

After reading a comment on a post, given the current political climate some videos about nationalist beating black people, I was completely intrigued and wanted to know her story.

We too scheduled a pre-interview chat.

Went well. We’ve yet to schedule, but I’m curious to know more about the feminist organizations she’s immersed with there.

So, yeah, watch this space to learn if I scored the interview.

I must add I’m not doing well with staying on task with everything I’d
like to accomplish. Again, I’m taking it all in stride, because it would be counter-productive for me to be harsh with myself. I have been writing, but there is much more to be done. This is includes filing documents, editing audio and more.

Le Sigh.

Kinda over myself, if I’m honest.

And kinda, well, certainly over others too!

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