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I AM. Bookish

By InspiredJourney


This week has been slowish.


I’m okay with that at times. But I’m still living with the pressing feeling of getting my ducks in a row.

So, I truly have zero luxury to rest on my laurels.

I spent the whole of the last couple weeks prepping for formalize a new business entity.

The intent is to have the latest projects (podcast, blogs and more) operate under this a new LLc.

That said, I spent a day last week to connect with a registered agent, and Monday to file the actual entity and set up everything to give it a professional polish. My only issue now is finding a bank I think will suit the needs in the short to midterm, while I establish and

Sourcing a bank has been a bit of a thorn.

BUT!, I shall prevail.

Sidenote: I realized I’ve been back in San Francisco seven years! That.would have been a slight mood bomb, but I acknowledged it and then proceeded to ignore that fact.

I can’t afford any spate of a lingering low mood.

Oh, and I bought a course.

Of all things, I purchased a course.

This is one thing I never thought I’d do, but I did.

I have been in search of camaraderie around the projects I’ve initiated, and the idea of buying a course, to have access to a group of inspired people caught my attention when I say links flowing groups online.

I have been sort of anti, well, not really, but bored when I see posts or ads for courses.

I bore easily.

And the proliferation of people touting their wealth and ‘courses to show you how to do the same’ bored me to no end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yet there I was, tired of trying to corral a group for accountability and sharing of knowledge, when a link to far less priced course popped up.

I hopped on it simply because it was a lifetime offer. There was no.recurring membership or other fees. So, I bit.

I figured after this epiphany, buying the course was simply another business expense.

At that point, I felt okay dropping the money on it.


I’ve been working my way through the videos, and have learned some things.

Okay, I confess, some tasks have been thoroughly ignored.

But I was able to secure a new interview with an American living in Moscow. I’m certain I mentioned it before.

That said, and giving the current political climate between the U.S. and Russia I can’t wait.

We’re scheduled to chat it up on Saturday.

I’m excited and looking forward to hearing, and likely sharing a snippets and thoughts here.

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