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I AM. Attentive

By InspiredJourney


Last week, the low ebb in which I was writing, was disrupted and replaced with happiness prompted by one of my favorite songs: So Good. Have a listen.

I was curious to see how last week played out, and what might spill onto the page of this week’s entry. Thankfully, the spirited mood as remained, and pushed further by my determination to be and live in my intentions. I also discovered an online gratitude group. Reading some of the entries, specifically from those battling the struggles of being adults that were once abused children, or people giving thanks for a year off hard drugs, and in one case, a mom showing gratitude and celebrating the life of her son (who died a heroin overdose a year ago), has been tough. However, the overwhelming majority share their joyous moments. And I’m grateful for that.

My intention with Slowly Surely + xyz has been and is for me to record my every mood and progress of me (re)discover me, my wants, my desires and travels to unearth my soul home.

Since January 1, I’ve written about my experiences, and mostly my annoyances. Speaking of being annoyed, a lot of what I wrote is annoying. I read a tiny snippet of something from a March post and could hardly understand it. It was nearly gibberish. I decided to retroactively declare this blog a place i write in Stream of Consciousness.


Affirming events to happen since last week:

•       In addition to the expressing more gratitude, I feel I’m gaining more clarity what I’d like to do with some projects. I won’t reveal them here, until I’ve executed. If I never do, it won’t be recorded here. No sense in my adding any fuel to a shame fire. I too happened upon OWNs Super Soul Conversations (SSC) podcast from the show Super Soul Sundays (SSS), I think. I’ve listened to about one dozen of them the last few evenings, and have been moved emotionally. I’ve thanked the universe for putting them in my view, because I had been attempting to laser focus on how to unstuck myself. I needed a path and sign to follow, because there wasn’t any forward movement in the direction I believed I wanted. I think the universe is full-on conspiring now. For that I’m thankful.

•       Yesterday, while routinely checking my bank balance, I notice a bump in the amount. Confused, I logged in to see what, where from and how the $85 appeared. The note read “Customer Complaint”. I’m confused and think to call and inquire, but I stopped myself because damn Wells Fargo. They’ve stolen millions from customers over the past few years and only paid off the CEO when firing him. So DAMN them and wherever they found this money. I figured it was likely some pittance they’re paying all customers for the wrong they’ve done. They obviously do whatever they will with customer accounts. So, they may very well reverse the credit later. Fortunately, I’m okay with having reserves in that account if i need to make a purchase.

•       I got a few great responses to an open call to create a sister circle of support.

•       I learned to make a mind / heart connection to shift energy and create mindset what I want [Living in] “A Beautiful State of Being” after hearing the SSCs episode with Tony Robbins. Listen to the broadcast here.

•       A FB contact professed to not being happy and considering divorce earlier in the day. And later last night, she and I had a conversation about it, and agreed to start a new manifesting journey. I suggested it to her, and then agreed to do it with her, because it’s something I’ve been wanting to do. I think it best for me to create any positive partnerships I can to get things done. We start today!

So, yaaaah, things are in a good space energy-wise. I’m pleased to continue working on this shift and seeing more breakthroughs. It’s time I live abundantly.

What does the last week of 2017 hold? Let’s see, I’m on a roll.


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