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By InspiredJourney


Given that you’re reading this, it is likely you’re interested in traveling, minimalist or otherwise, planning, or looking for inspiration to pack a small bag and go.

You have likely read a few list of those who have taken flight on their own adventure.

As you might imagine, or perhaps like you, I had been planning to set off on this open-ended travel journey for years.

Given that, I had time to sort how I wanted to travel and what I felt were necessities to maintain a minimalist approach to maintain #teamcarryon status.

My approach:

I first established I’d organize a simple, uniform wardrobe in the color black. That set the foundation of the subsequent choices made.

The following is a general list of items that allows me to only spend on transport, food, accommodations when not couchsurfing or doing an exchange.

My pack consists of:


Each day I wear one set of clothing (stretch cami, leggings) including the sweater tied around my waste, denim jacket, socks, lightweight shoes, one watch, one ring, bracelets.

I also have a little crossbody pouch that was one the home of a tiny point and shoot camera. I keep the odd metro card for the city I’m in, a few dollars of cash, and it is where I toss loose change, and my chapstick.

Though the visual artist I am wanted to bring supplied to created, I opted to not fuss with bringing my usual tools. But did bring a small pouch of beads and a couple finding to replace earrings, in the event I lost the odd one.

Thus far all is okay staying organized and the weight.


With my 18L backpack.


If you have questions about my pack and its contents, feel welcome to comment or email me.

Bon voyage!


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