slowly surely + xyz : a journey of (re)discovery


By InspiredJourney



…creative, interested, dreamer…

Artist. Mom. Sisterfriend. Globetrotting wandering ballerina, Living a Guided Life; laughing out loud when possible.

Newly ’emancipated mama’ sailing on a perpetual contemplative fluid journey filled with spontaneity, and meeting wonderful diverse persons along the way.

If you ask me what am I doing? I shall respond: Following the path of open doors, apprehensions and all.

This space, created.

Inspired by the constant push I’ve felt most often in life. A push to continue living my true nature without restraint: unconventionally, open, free, roaming.

Roaming until I meet the land that fills my soul, that is my home.

Always with a wondering wandering heart, I now reside at the place where I can, and AM living with the full intent to learn and live that which feeds me. The intended consequence is for the self, yet I know this too shall inspire others I meet along the way.

At this specific moment, I AM; that mom to a recent high school grad, on his own journey in Senegal participating in a gap year program. He’s navigating the last years of adolescence, as I walk through a second adolescence, of sorts.

Slowly Surely is: a most needed self-centered journey, where I chronicle my manifestations, my dreams, my desires, my tries, my doings, my failing forward, my triumphs, my gratitude and sometimes my random stream of consciousness in the most stripped down and for some, frightfully honest, way.

My mantra: I AM slowly, but surely living a guided life, inspiring, being inspired while walking through all doors that are open to me.

Come with me. Let’s (re)discover together.





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